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Tire valves

  • Car valves are a wide selection of accessories for almost every type of vehicle. Available offer: high-quality valves for passenger cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses, as well as for large size tires & agricultural machines.

Balancing weights and powders

  • Weights for balancing the wheels of passenger cars, vans, trucks and motorcycles, made of various materials and of various weights, including lead and galvanized weights as well as adhesive weights.
  • Wheel balancing powders that reduce vibrations and oscillations of wheels, thus increasing driving comfort and reducing tread wear.

Tools and accessories for wheels

  • Various accessories and tools for replacing tires, providing invaluable assistance in the entire process of putting tires on the rim.

Tire repair and pastes

  • Assembly pastes used in the assembly of tires of passenger cars, vans, trucks, buses as well as motorcycles, agricultural and large-size tires. The range includes universal pastes, allowing the installation of any tire using one product, as well as specialized preparations (pastes for trucks).

TPMS sensors

TPMS sensors are special sensors integrated with the wheel valve. They inform the driver about the loss of tire pressure by transmitting the information to the on-board computer, which immediately receives accurate data on the current tire pressure.  

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